How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of Him that bringeth good tidings...that publish salvation Isaiah 52:7. More Than 80 Million Copies of Bible Pathway Monthly Bible Commentary Have Been Shipped To Over 186 Countries Around The World. In Over 20 Languages!! More Than 250,000 Bibles Have Been Distributed Around The World!! AND STILL THE DEMAND EXCEEDS THE SUPPLY.... Daily we receive requests from around the globe; sometimes 8 or 10 people make requests in a single letter - for the cost of postage is so high one person alone cannot afford to pay for the stamp. We surely do not want to fail in our responsbility to the ones who cry out to us for help. It is fearful to think that some will say, The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved Jeremiah 8:20.



What a Mission field -- Two million men and women who have hit "rock bottom," held prisoners behind steel bars! Bible Pathway has undertaken the task of introducing these lost souls to the life-changing message of Jesus. In the past your love gifts have helped bring hundreds of lost souls residing in American jails and prisons into God's Kingdom. Many cling to their copy of Bible Pathway and a Bible as the lifeline keeping them from sinking into their present circumstances.



The Bible Pathway Radio and Internet Outreach has just intensified! I could hardly wait to share the Good News. It's astounding! And best of all, God has given you and Bible Pathway the privilege to be a team to make it happen. The internet has changed the way the world now communicates. If you have a computer, a modem, and an internet provider, you have instant access to nearly every topic and fact in the world. There are more than 1.6 billion internet users, seven days a week, 24 hours every day. Bible Pathway's supreme purpose is to fulfill our Lord's Great Commission: Go...teach all observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you (Matt. 19-20).



Because the Good News of Jesus Christ is too good to keep to oneself, we have been helping others understand the Bible in their own languages since 1980. In addition to the 13 languages currently on the internet and the shortwave radio broadcasts in 3 languages, Bible Pathway has been printed in many other languages throughout the last 30 years.



Bible Pathway Ministries International seeks to have it's ministry on the internet devoted to growing God's kingdom on earth and promoting the reading of the Word of God. The Bible Pathway devotional magazine as well as the up and coming GPS magazine, a new book devoted to teens and young adults, are also available in download form. The daily devotionals are available online for free in over a dozen languages (excluding English). In the coming days, our internet presence will be ever growing. Check us out to see the new features.