Thoughts For The Week


There are those that words cannot reach and who use their free will to turn God aside at every opportunity, but truly they are to be pitied and prayed for, not despised and feared, for their wickedness can never hope to alter His plan.


When turning our back to the world in favor of God, we must be careful not to abandon the rest of God’s children in the process.


We are responsible for our own actions when we follow others away from God and into ruin; fortunately, if we keep our eyes open and upon God alone, then we needn’t fear being led astray.


The rewards for choosing the world over God may at first seem to be satisfying, but they dissipate almost immediately; God’s reward is eternal.


Concerning the tribulations of this world – remember perseverance rather than despair in the face of suffering, and blind faith rather than conditional in the face of uncertainty.